About Us

Soyo, is a professional group engaged in Engineering / Design / Manufacturing / Supply and Installation of Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Products. The company was started in the year 1992 and is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company.

From the beginning, the company started with the products- UPS Inverters, Lift Inverters, Voltage Stabilizers, Battery Chargers etc. and now the addition of solar off grid / solar on grid systems, solar power pack, solar inverters, solar MPPT chargers, solar street lights / home lights etc. In thermal, we manufacture ETC and FPC based solar water heaters.

Soyo is spreading solar mission throughout the country. More ever it is creating an awareness and education in the society for solar products use. Our aim is to fulfill the need of energy. From the natural source of sunlight, which is simply available in India.      




With continual quality controls during the manufacturing process and strict function tests. The system components meets the highest quality standards for reliability & durability and are certified in accordance with MNRE and international standards.

In order to guarantee that the end customer benefits from comprehensive and professional advice as well as installation.

  Mission & Vision:  
  To provide solar energy solutions and develop advanced and cost effective products like solar street lights, solar home lighting systems, solar power generators, solar water heaters for domestic and industrial purpose, etc, that will create value for the customer and will improve the environmental conditions. Care to the community, care for the customers.

The main vision of our organization is to hatch the solar energy from sun.


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